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Today's world is changing and progressing at a very high speed, playing an important role in the dynamics of societies. Turkish Maarif Foundation aims to train qualified people who will participate in the economic, social and cultural development of these societies. It therefore attaches great importance to the following elements: trust, collaboration, solidarity, transparency, emphasis on goodness, comprehensiveness, universality, aptitude and merit.

Turkish Maarif Foundation adopts an understanding of innovation-driven education that has the features of replying to the demands of the time, based on science carrying the common heritage of humanity and being sensitive to cultural diversities, that emphases universal, national and regional values and considers knowledge, capacity and value.

The Foundation wishes to present an effective education based on basic skills, basic values, and basic sciences.

In this context, it gives importance to make win the three above-mentioned elements to students in a concurrently, holistic, and balanced manner.

Given that it admits the human as a special and precious being from birth, Turkish Maarif Foundation considers every human a treasure. The essential thing in teaching is to educate people on the right path and to reveal the jewels that are hidden in them. Taking into account the differences of each one of us, the "Understanding of Maarif Education" aims to train people of character with innate skills and proper qualifications. A person of character, in addition to his inherent features, appropriates the wealth and experience of the society in which he grew up, and becomes a "unique" person with skills, qualifications and knowledge. On the basis of this principle, specific teaching is offered in Maarif Schools according to individual qualities, aptitudes and interests of each student.