our values

Philosophy of Education

Turkish Maarif Foundation is committed to a philosophy of education based on the construction of the "right person". Admitting the human being as a precious, special and kind-hearted presence, it wishes to perfect the human through a qualified education.

The right person, that the Foundation wishes to build, represents a person with skills and knowledge that meet the requirements of the time and that assimilates moral and cultural values.

In this sense, it is about a person:

-who can think critically and analytically

-who belongs to a scientific vision

-who respects the environment, the living and the human being

-who is balanced in his body, soul and spirit

-who has the conscience of the society, the conscience of the culture and the conscience of the history

-who loves his family, his country and his society

-who respects the diverse populations

-who adopts the elements like justice, compassion and respect

-who is productive and very generous about sharing,

-who is socially engaged

-who aims to leave a happy, liveable and serene world for the next generations.