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Orientation Services

Turkish Maarif Foundation attaches great importance to guidance services for individuals with self-knowledge, who are informed on different educational and professional opportunities and who like to take responsibilities. As a result, Maarif Schools offer specialist-led orientation services. In this field, they take care of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor development of the pupils and strive to make them gain a professional conscience.

In order to provide effective counseling services, the Foundation benefits from people with training in counseling and guidance, and who have professional experience in the field of education. In the recruitment of specialists, the Foundation is careful to select as much as possible from the specialists of the countries where it operates. Otherwise the Foundation tries to develop the recruited staff through periodically organized internal trainings.

In the presentation of guidance services, the Foundation is not limited to specialists, but it is also supported from the educational staff. Turkish Maarif Foundation encourages them to actively participate in the student orientation and awareness process.