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Teaching of Turkish

Turkish Maarif Foundation attaches particular importance to the teaching of Turkish language and culture in order to introduce it into the world and to establish cultural bridges between various societies and the Turkish society.

In Maarif Schools, Turkish courses are in compulsory or optional course in the weekly hours prepared according to the official programs of the concerned countries. Made according to the international standards of language teaching, the teaching of Turkish is supported by extracurricular activities, club activities and activities aiming at the practical use of Turkish.

The Foundation aims to ensure the mastery of the Turkish language at B2 level among students graduated from high school. In this perspective, it grants students graduated from high school and mastering the Turkish language at B2 level the opportunity to pursue, with a scholarship, higher education in Turkey.

To clarify the level of mastery of the Turkish language, the Foundation takes as a reference the European Language Portfolio (ELP) and establishes a central examination for the Certificate in Turkish language which measures ELP qualifications.