our values


Curricula are prepared systematically in accordance with the program's development standards and with respect to elements such as learning targets, content, learning processes, and measurement and assessment techniques.

Taking into account human development processes, Turkish Maarif Foundation strives to provide programs dedicated to a comprehensive development. Prepared on the principle of the wholeness, the programs aim to achieve a balanced and effective way for students to gain knowledge, skills and values.

The Foundation presents flexible programs, considering criteria such as the international standards of education, the legislation of the countries concerned, the requirements of the time, the expectations of parents, the needs and levels of cognitive, emotional and psychomotor maturity of each student. The purpose of these programs is to establish an internal discipline, to transmit scientific knowledge, universal and local values and to gain practical skills for everyday life.

In preparing programs for history and culture, the Foundation places a high value on objectivity, scientific principles and social science methods such as evidence-based learning and historical empathy.

The Foundation presents programs dedicated to religious education in some Muslim countries where it carries out educational activities. These programs are prepared in accordance with the legislation of the countries and with reference to the primary sources of Islam, including the Quran and the Sunnah. They take into account the religious and cultural sensitivities and social conditions of the countries concerned.

In some countries, Maarif Schools operate under IB and IGCSE programs that have a high reputation in the world.

Through programs containing universal and local elements, the Foundation aims to present, in the medium and long term, an exemplary teaching model.