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Learning Spaces

In order to present an effective teaching, Turkish Maarif Foundation makes sure to provide spaces favorable to educational occupations. From this point of view, Maarif Schools are organized according to international standards for schools and with the aim of providing students with a comfortable education.

From the point of view of architecture, interior design and decoration, Maarif Schools bear the aesthetic and cultural features of the countries in which they are located. They also contain symbolic elements specific to Turkish culture. By its local, national and Turkish characteristics, the "Maarif Schools" thus function as a cultural bridge between Turkey and the various countries.

Maarif Schools are built as safe, easy-to-access institutions that are harmonious with nature, have spaces for social life, make interaction easy, provide connectivity to the past, and can create a desire to continuity with the student. In these schools, the possibility of boarding is ensured according to the conditions of the countries and the needs of the pupils.