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The curriculum of Maarif International School Cameroon reflects and supports its mission and vision. We use international educational approach standards at the Pre-school. The curriculum at the Pre-school Our curriculum evolved a philosophy of human development that spark major educational movements and influence child development. The educational approach is structured around to promote the child’s natural self-initiated impulse to become absorbed in a rich environment and to learn from it. Our teaching methods focus on the “whole child" and not on a range of academic disciplines. When a child has been taught how to think and is invested in directing their own learning, the following life skills emerge: Ability to concentrate well Sense of personal dignity. Independence Self-motivation Love of order.

Objectives of the Curriculum:To promote diversity and provide educational opportunities to our students. To become critical thinkers and problem-solvers in real-life situations.


 Extra-curriculum activities: Our extra-curriculum activities are designed to suit the needs of the learners and pupils. This helps students to build confidence and to express themselves by harnessing their own creative energies. Handcrafting, Performing Arts (Drama/Dance) Languages (French, Turkish, Arabic, and Fulfulde).                                            

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