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School Name 1

School Name 1

School Name 1

Type of Educational Institution: Kindergarten

Language of Instruction: English

Curriculum Applied: National

Address: Adres detail

Phone: +90 555 55 55

Mobile: +90 555 55 55

Information About the School 1

 Maarif schools of Cameroon have demonstrated their educational mastery, with exceptional success rate recorded every year.

With an education system that allows learners to think independently, to develop their intellectual capacity, their creative minds and their talent to become men and women, capable of social responsibility, in respect of our fundamental values: 

Trust - Cooperation and Solidarity - Transparency - Ability and Merit - Beneficence - Globalism - University.

Established in 3 towns (Yaoundé-Douala -Ngaoundéré) and spread over seven campuses in Cameroon, Maarif schools offers pre-school, primary and secondary education. Each year, we enrol learners from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to prepare them to be citizens of the world.

We place a major emphasis on the quality of teaching provided by our highly qualified teaching staff and staff who meticulously monitor the progress of each learner. And to enable learners to discover, improve and express their talents in the fields of sport, the arts, culture and scientific research. The Turkish Maarif Schools of Cameroon organise extra-curricular activities in strict compliance with the anti-covid 

measures.Maarif schools in Cameroon enjoy a high reputation for comfort, infrastructure and facilities such as sports centres, laboratories, libraries and study rooms, conference rooms, refectories, infirmaries, boarding dormitories and computer labs with the latest technology 

Equipment. In all our campuses throughout the country, we offer playgrounds and indoor games for children to develop their potential. Our campuses are located in secure, noise-free environments, and we have buses to transport our students and staff in complete safety.


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